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Miles of Smiles Nannying Circle

Play. Learn. Grow. 


An infant is considered four weeks to one year. We are accepting clients earliest 8 months. First major milestones are reached during this incredible time in a child's life. Rolling over, sitting up, laughing, clapping, are all examples of what your happy infant could be learning. At miles of smiles we embrace these monumental times, in each child's individual growth period. 


Toddlers are considered ages 12-36 months. Toddlers are full of excitement and wonder while they explore new things. Each child progresses at their own pace; and may include; singing & dancing, beginning to walk, and repetitive tasks. As we create a special bond with each child, we encourage exploration and learning during this stage. 


Preschool is considered between 2-5. We accept children up to 5. Children begin reaching major milestones of play, learn, speak, behave and move. They begin to be more independent, and start forming relationships with friends. We greatly focus on guiding children's behavior in positive, supportive ways. We promote children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. 

Our Approach

We strive to create a space which children feel as though they are at a 'home away from home'. We care deeply for the happiness and safety of our children.  


What Parents Think

Alysha and Catherine are the most nurturing and supportive nannies that we could have asked for. The environment of their nanny circle is warm and inviting, and it only took a couple days for my super shy 2-year old to become completely comfortable there. He talks about it when he’s not there and looks forward to going in the morning! I feel so confident bringing him, knowing he is getting healthy food, plenty of outdoor time, good naps, and lots of love

                            Katie- Bens Mom

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